WIP Wednesday

I finished my Rose City Rollers this morning. I sewed in the ends and wore them all day. I really like how they fit. I’m pretty sure the purple yarn is something wholly inappropriate for socks, like a cashmere blend or something,  so they might not last for long. While they are around they will be amazingly comfortable, however.20190320_091247164151273897500214.jpg

I’m working away on my Green Bay Packers socks. I just finished the gusset of the first sock. Audrey snapped a picture of me knitting them this evening, so I have an action shot for these socks. The Green Bay blanket isn’t usually on the back of the couch, it is just there to protect the couch from Elliot’s grubby hands when he eats at the bar stools just behind the couch. You might not have noticed, but I’m sure my mom would want you to know it isn’t normally part of her living room design. 20190320_1657321735911374165515299.jpg

We’re in Cedar Falls for a few days. I packed three knitting projects and two sewing projects. I might have overestimated the amount of things I’ll get done while I’m here.

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