WIP Wednesday

I have only worked 4 more rows of my shawl, so it isn’t worth posting a new picture. I love working on it, but reading a chart and working long rows isn’t conducive to KWP (knitting while parenting).

Thank you for all of your feedback last week on short socks. I’m loving the Rose City Rollers, even though they make me sing the Bay City Rollers in my head when I think about the pattern name. I appreciate your help picking the color of the heels and toes too. In the end I went with blue (AJ made a great point about the white picking up dirt off of my floor). 20190206_1325226494538950578038984.jpgI think I’ll get a lot of use out of short socks in the summer. This is my new favorite way to make socks when I only have half a hank of sock yarn.

I hope you are cruising along on your projects.

Resolution Update

Candle placement by Elliot

It’s my birthday today. I think the perfect thing to do as I enter another year of life is take a look at how the resolutions I made for 2019 are doing.

My resolutions for 2019 are:

  • Make, thrift, or mend any clothing that I need.
  • Try one new recipe from Skinny Taste a week.
  • Move my body for at least 20 minutes a day.
  • Blog more often, averaging three posts a week.
  • Only buy 100 g of yarn for every 300 g knit.

I have not made any new clothing purchases this year. I have, however, noticed that when I’ve had a stressful day I find myself browsing websites like Zulily looking at clothes. I fear I may buy something before I remember I resolved not to buy any new clothes.

I’ve tried at least one skinnytaste recipe each week, and I don’t think it will be hard to continue doing that.

I’ve moved my body for at least 20 minutes every day. I got a fitbit Versa right after Christmas, and I’ve been obsessed with getting 10,000 steps since then. I’ve walked at least 10,000 steps every day. I recently started using Aaptiv for guided walks and run and I find it incredibly motivating.

I’ve been writing more than 3 posts each week, which is great. When I’m posting more it is usually an indication that I’m being productive in other areas of my life, so I’m happy that I’m writing so much.

As for yarn buying, I haven’t purchased any yarn. I’m usually not tempted to buy yarn unless I’m going to a fiber festival, bast week a LYS posted about this hat kit. I can’t get it off of my mind. I think it would be fun to knit, so I’m avoiding that entire area of town because if I’m close I think I’ll buy the kit. The colors are all wrong for me, and women who lose multiple hats a year should not spend $50 on yarn for a hat, but I don’t know if I can stop myself.

If you made resolutions I hope they are going well. I’ll check in about 100 days into the year to let you know how I’m doing again. If I have to tell you how I’m doing I’m more likely to stick to them.

skinnytaste Week 5

This week I made a winner: Lentil Soup. I used my multicooker and it turned out great. I made several changes because I didn’t have everything needed for the soup.

I am out of turmeric, which I did not realize until I had started sauteing the vegetables. The recipe only calls for 1 t, so I figured it was mostly for color. I used about 1/2 t of curry powder instead. I didn’t have parsley or lemon, so I skipped those. I had spinach, but I forgot to add it.

So I guess you could say I tried to make her soup, but made a similar variation instead. It was delicious, and it makes a lot. I put some in the freezer to enjoy later this month. I’ll be making this soup again soon.

January Reads and February Book Goals

I did not make much of a dent in my to read pile last month. I’ve been reading less, and only finished five books this month. I feel like this month was full of OK books.

The Christmas Sisters by Sarah Morgan. This was a cute book about three very different sisters coming home for Christmas. If you want a cute Christmas book this one works. I give this book two out of five stars.

The Reluctant Farmer of Whimsey Hill by Bradford M. Smith. This memoir is about a guy who loves the city who moves to a farm for love. It’s a nice story, but not interesting enough to be anything but a book to read to put yourself to sleep. I give this book two out of five stars.

Fresh Eggs And Dog Beds by Nick Albert. It seems I’ve moved on my from Christmas romance novel phase an into a men write about moving out of the city and into the country phase. This memoir is about a couple moving to Ireland from England to escape stress. It is filled with details I didn’t care to know. Over half of the book led up to them buying their house. I give this book two out of five stars.

My Squirrel Days by Ellie Kemper. This was a cute and funny celebrity memoir. It did not take much thought. I read this when I was in the midst of a cold, which seemed to be the perfect time for it. I give this book three out of five stars.

The Dirty Book Club by Lisi Harrison. This is not a dirty book, it is a book about a book club that reads dirty books. It’s a cute and fun book. I liked seeing how the female friendships evolved from strangers to good friends in a matter of months. I give this book three out of five stars.

I have huge goals for reading this month. I am not going to make it through this stack.20190201_0951552990023884893422921.jpg

A note on A Gentleman in Moscow, as it has been in my pile for 4 months: I’m going to read this if it kills me. I’m halfway through it, but I’m currently paused to read the library books. I don’t know anyone who has read it that didn’t like it. It is very difficult to get in to, and I might be reading this one all year.

Have you read anything good lately? Is there anything in my stack you don’t think I should bother with?