FO: Audrey Socks

I finished Audrey’s socks today. I like the stripes.

I do not recommend having a 4-year-old model socks. There are many more arm movements involved than you would think.

Meanwhile Elliot only wants to go to the yarn store now. He is mad every morning when we go to the Y instead of the yarn shop. He is basically saying what goes through my head every morning (except the part about the trains Percy and Gordon, I’m not a big Thomas the Train fan).

I hope you had a productive Thursday. Only two more days until our next snow storm.

5 thoughts on “FO: Audrey Socks

  1. Fun socks!

    Couldn’t one of Thomas’s cars be the yarn car that takes the yarn from the mill to the store? She could be called Purl I guess.

    My oldest loved Thomas and I became a connoisseur of narrators. My favorite was Ringo, with George Carlin coming in a close second.

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