Sour D’oh!

Way back in 2010 I spent a year trying a new loaf of bread every week. Most of that time was spent working my way through the Bread Bakers Apprentice. That year I maintained a sourdough starter and baked with it occasionally.

I started day dreaming about sourdough bread after reading Sourdough last year. After mulling over getting back into sourdough bread baking for months I decided it was time to get back to it (having a snowstorm or a polar vortex a couple of days a week for a month will really motivate a person to get baking).

Over the past 24 hours I’ve made sourdough pizza and sourdough English muffins.

Over the past 24 hours I’ve also come to the realization that I’ve been romanticizing my love of maintaining a sourdough starter. Having a starter means feeding it once or twice a week. Each time you feed it you either throw away a large portion of it or you bake from what you discard. I’m need to expand my recipe repertoire or get comfortable throwing ingredients away.

If you have any sourdough recipes you recommend please send them my way. I’m hoping to find sourdough motivation and become a better baker.

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