WIP Wednesday

I have only worked 4 more rows of my shawl, so it isn’t worth posting a new picture. I love working on it, but reading a chart and working long rows isn’t conducive to KWP (knitting while parenting).

Thank you for all of your feedback last week on short socks. I’m loving the Rose City Rollers, even though they make me sing the Bay City Rollers in my head when I think about the pattern name. I appreciate your help picking the color of the heels and toes too. In the end I went with blue (AJ made a great point about the white picking up dirt off of my floor). 20190206_1325226494538950578038984.jpgI think I’ll get a lot of use out of short socks in the summer. This is my new favorite way to make socks when I only have half a hank of sock yarn.

I hope you are cruising along on your projects.

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