WIP Wednesday: Polar Vortex Edition

Happy Wednesday! It’s cold here. 20190130_1222062398512205060751718.jpg

Wrigley had her surgery yesterday and can’t be off leash until she heals. Luckily she hasn’t been licking her incisions, so we haven’t had to put her in a cone. Thank you for keeping her in your thoughts. We will hear back in a week or two with the results of the tumors. 20190130_112957702389814787123455.jpg

With the cold and the dog I’ve managed to be somewhat productive this week. I finished Mary-Claire’s socks. 20190130_1115419201388561396176054.jpg

I’m about 1/4 of the way through the lace on the Hoarfrost Shawl. I’ll know in about 10 more rows if I’ll have enough yarn left for the shawl or I’ll need to rip out an old scarf knit with the same yarn.20190130_1337119091269017165662442-e1548879280760.jpg

I hope you are staying warm and getting knitting done.

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