skinnytaste Week 4 and other ramblings

This week it was easy to pick what to try from skinnytaste. We all have colds, so chicken noodle soup was an obvious choice. This recipe has instantpot and stove top directions, and I decided to make it on the stove.

Oh my goodness this was delicious and perfect. I will be making this again. I will probably double it in the future, as it is only 4 servings and I wish we had leftovers. 20190124_1743025760743309283659910.jpg

It is really cold here, so we’ve been staying inside. This was our second day of the kids being stuck at home, and they were getting stir crazy. I was able to buy 45 minutes of quiet by giving them trays of rice krispies and trucks.20190125_1523333051848895085148832.jpg

It was totally worth the mess.20190125_161350394985933713424102.jpg

I was able to escape the house for a bit this afternoon to run to the gym and the library. All of the books I had on hold came in at once. I hate it when that happens. I might have to take a break from my current book to get through all of these.20190125_1515115030241935595653190.jpg

In exciting knitting news, I was looking for a pair of mittens and discovered my thrummed mittens and BFL Gretel Tam. I was sure I lost them when I was out and about running errands, but it turns out they just fell behind the winter gear bin I threw them in.20190125_13074157209433754126019.jpgIn scary news, Wrigley has surgery on Tuesday to remove a cancerous tumor. We don’t have a lot of information about her prognosis and won’t until the surgery and detailed biopsy are done. She’s a great dog and I’m trying not to think about what this probably means for her future. 20190118_190839336988895490435905.jpg

Have a great weekend. If it’s cold where you are, I hope you stay home and bake something, drink hot chocolate, and knit while watching mindless television.

8 thoughts on “skinnytaste Week 4 and other ramblings

  1. I hope that Wrigley comes through his surgery OK and has a good prognosis! Also hope you and the family are all feeling better soon. That chicken soup does look delicious – glad you found something tasty that will help you all heal up!

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