A Different Kind of Knit Night

The first Monday of the month is my regular knit night. I get together with a few friends at the Iowa Tap Room. While there I enjoy a beer, conversation, and knitting. It is one of my favorite nights of the month.

Last night my knit night kind of fell apart. One friend was struck down by a stomach bug. Another had emergency dog issues. Another had a family birthday to celebrate. The regular crew was out, but there are more people who occasionally show up so I decided to chance it and head to the bar.

20190107_1925504455227990553414868.jpgI’m so glad I did. Not because anyone else showed up, but because no one else showed up. I am always worried if I go to an event no one else will show up. Every time I throw a party I’m convinced no one will come. That has always been an irrational fear, someone always shows up…until last night when no one showed up at knitting.

It was not the horrible thing I thought it would be. It was incredibly relaxing. I enjoyed a peanut butter porter. I doodled some knitting ideas. I remembered I have a scarf I can frog if I run out of the yarn I want to use for my next shawl (forget my current WIP shawl, this year I’m all about worsted weight shawls). My server was a guy I’ve known for 18 years. We caught up, chatting about kids and the jobs we have had in the years we’ve been friends. I had an hour to myself with a great beer. I didn’t knit, only because I’ve found that if you knit in public people think that means you want to talk about knitting. I didn’t want to talk, I wanted to enjoy time alone. And enjoy it I did.

Have you ever had a knit night go bust? How did you deal with it?


6 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Knit Night

      1. I would imagine there’s always the potentail for drama wherever people are getting together, but glad you have found some good ones đŸ™‚ That would be fun! It would be neat to all get together virtually!


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