Garden Wool & Dye Advent Calendar

Now that we are a week into January it feels like a suitable time to tell you about the advent calendar I splurged on this year. This year Anastasia from Garden Wool & Dye put together an advent calendar. It was remarkably affordable – under $100. I jumped at the chance to celebrate the season with yarn.

It arrived just after Thanksgiving. It was difficult not to open it all at once. I love how it was packaged. All of the materials were  compostable, even the sparkly twine. I love how her dedication to being environmentally sustainable carries over to every detail.


I loved having so many mini skeins to add to my blanket. On Christmas I opened a gorgeous skein of yarn in colors I would normally not pick for myself. It’s funny how sometimes what I would never pick out is exactly what I need. 20190107_1435445035523394922255786.jpg

I’m not sure what the yarn will become. I’m open to any suggestions you have.

I’ll be doing the advent calendar again next year. The price will be going up, but it will still be manageable.

Do you do yarn advent calendars? Are you mini skein obsessed too?

4 thoughts on “Garden Wool & Dye Advent Calendar

  1. That is lovely packaging! Were you happy with the mini-skeins? The full skein is lovely – gentle colors, and Christmassy, but in an understated kind of a way. Do you know what you are going to do with it?
    I did do an Advent calendar in 2017. It was a mixed bag. I liked the idea of it, but my particular calendar was a little bit of a disappointment. And it was expensive! So I would definitely do it again, but maybe choose a little more carefully. I definitely love mini-skeins! They are a great way to try out a dyer without making too much of a commitment 🙂

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    1. I loved the mini skeins. They are subdued colors, which I usually find with natural dyes. I’m using the mini skeins in my blanket, but I’m not sure what I’ll do with the full skein yet. Maybe socks or a shawl, because that’s all I seem to knit with lately. Or I could knit a cardigan with a boring cream and just use the skein for the bottom of it for visual interest? Most likely I’ll shove it in my wine cabinet for storage and let it sit there.

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  2. AJ says:

    I so wanted to do an advent calendar this year, but all the ones I saw were either for another shawl or extremely expensive:( I’ll have to make a note to check this one out. Does it give an idea of what to make with the yarn?


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