WIP Wednesday: 51/52

I’m a day late this week. I forgot that yesterday was Wednesday. Christmas has my days all messed up. John is off of work this week, so it feels like a perpetual weekend.

I’m working away on my Up All Night socks. I would have finished them had I not decided to make my MIL some slippers.

I’m taking advantage of John being home by drinking coffee, knitting, and watching knitting blogs. It is an luxurious way to spend a morning.

I’m using my new lap desk, which has greatly improved my working in bed. A few months ago Rachelle blogged about hers. I immediately added it to my wish list (if you can’t trust the opinion of a fellow knitting blogger who can you trust?). I’m hoping it motivates me to get more writing done.

I picked up my shawl last night and knit a few rows on it. I thought that I made a mistake and had to tink back 2 rows. It turns out I hadn’t forgotten the decrease, which I didn’t see until I got all the way back to it. That shawl might be the death of me.

I had the same problem when I knit the vanilla latte socks – easy patterns that require minimal thought mess me up because I am used to knitting things with no thought or intense concentration – never middle ground knitting. Minimal attention throws me all off.

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and may the new year bring fabulous knitting projects.

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