Elf Hats

It’s amazing how much knitting a person can get done when they are watching the Hawkeye game.20181111_0845223324469343946049205.jpgThe elf hats were nice and quick, and now I’m back to knitting with natural fibers. I’m about to cast on a hat because I lost my Gretel Tam again. I am going to start a Sitka Spruce hat from Tin Can Knits as soon as I sit down to knit again. Hopefully I don’t lose or felt this hat.

Off the Needles

I just finished my Nightshift shawl, and I’m so excited about it I didn’t want to wait until it is blocked to show you.20181108_2016465897781620668477639.jpgI love how it looks. I can’t wait to see how it looks blocked, because I imagine I’ll like it even more.

Next on my needles are some hats for the kids. Do my kids need hats? No. Do I hate knitting with acrylic? Yes. What on earth would get me to knit them acrylic hats? Toppers that I know they will love. A giraffe for Audrey and elves for the Christmas season.20181108_2014426285902490031556818.jpgAs perfect as the hats will be for the kids, it hurt to enter this yarn into my Yarn Diet spreadsheet. I hope to finish the hats quickly and never have to knit with acrylic again.

WIP Wednesday: 44/52

Greetings from Iowa, the land that reelected a white supremacist yesterday. I am appalled with the results of that race. I am thankful that the three other house seats in Iowa went to candidates that embrace diversity.

I’ve been stress knitting (and eating) over the election this week. I’m on the last repeat of the Nightshift shawl. I love this pattern. It’s pretty mindless knitting, but it is incredibly beautiful. It is fun to knit and it will be fun to wear. When I saw the pattern I knew that I had to make it. I would not be surprised if I make another one to give away. It is so much fun to knit I would like to make it twice.20181107_1424194182750838183273552.jpg

I hope you got some good knitting in this week!


I’ve spent four years as a stay at home mom. 90% of that time I’ve been really bad about remembering the things I want to try to do. I have heard great things about the Grimes Community Center, but I never think of it on a day that it is open. I want to take the yoga class at the Y, but I never remember it that day.

I had an A Ha moment last weekend when I realized I could just make a calendar with all of the possibilities for each day on it. Now if we don’t have plans when we wake up I can look at the calendar and find an activity. I hope this will get me to branch out more. I also hope it will get me to the Y more often.20181105_1429405457887113247483260.jpgI find that most of my A Ha! moments are closer to Well, Duh moments. I don’t care what they are as long as they make life easier.


A few weeks ago I told you how predictable I am when it comes to picking out colors for sweaters. It is even worse than I thought.

Here’s the sweater I just finished:20181103_0930262049686524622183208.jpgHere’s the Dove sweater I finished last year: 20181103_0930396852435809362364307.jpg

I have two sweaters that are the same color. Both are knit bottom up. Both have raglan sleeves. Both were Craftsy kits. Both yarns were selected because “the color is so bright and unlike any of my other sweaters.”20181103_093053450888782327311164.jpgSo help me, if I buy yarn this color for another sweater I am going to give up knitting.