November Blanket Progress

Little People toy for scale

The blanket finally feels like a blanket. I have about two more years of working on this blanket, one square a day, until I’m done. Tomorrow I start my Garden Wool & Dye advent calendar, and I’m looking forward to working some of that yarn into the blanket. 

I’m now going to try to sew the pockets on to Elliot’s Harvey sweater. I don’t mind seaming, but these are fiddley and I might end up throwing the sweater across the room and giving up on pockets. 

4 thoughts on “November Blanket Progress

  1. Your blanket is looking great! Is this leftover yarns from other projects? I love the colors in it – very neat work 🙂 Looking forward to reading about your Garden Wool & Dye advent calendar – that sounds interesting!


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