WIP Wednesday: 46/52

Happy day before Thanksgiving. I did not get any knitting done today, as I was busy making pies. Honestly, I needed a day off from knitting, as I’ve been so obsessed with Elliot’s new sweater. I have been knitting when I should be cleaning or parenting or cooking. 

I think it will be worth it, as Elliot will have a new sweater for Christmas. The pattern is Harvey by Jennifer Weibe. Earlier this year I made her Elwood sweater for Elliot two sizes too big (I had the yarn, so I figured why not use it all). This time I’m making the sweater for the size Elliot is right now. I hope he will get two winters out of it.

As you can see, Elliot cannot be bothered to stand still for a picture, so Audrey volunteered. I’m halfway through the button band. I need to knit the sleeves and the pockets. I thought I had the perfect buttons for the sweater, but it turns out I had the perfect buttons for another sweater I plan on making Elliot, so I found some on Etsy that I hope will arrive in time for Christmas. 

I’ll get better pictures of the sweater next week. My kids are so excited for Thanksgiving they are in constant motion. It was a crazy day.

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