Off the Needles

I just finished my Nightshift shawl, and I’m so excited about it I didn’t want to wait until it is blocked to show you.20181108_2016465897781620668477639.jpgI love how it looks. I can’t wait to see how it looks blocked, because I imagine I’ll like it even more.

Next on my needles are some hats for the kids. Do my kids need hats? No. Do I hate knitting with acrylic? Yes. What on earth would get me to knit them acrylic hats? Toppers that I know they will love. A giraffe for Audrey and elves for the Christmas season.20181108_2014426285902490031556818.jpgAs perfect as the hats will be for the kids, it hurt to enter this yarn into my Yarn Diet spreadsheet. I hope to finish the hats quickly and never have to knit with acrylic again.

6 thoughts on “Off the Needles

  1. tonymarkp says:

    Sometimes you just have to knit something with that type of yarn, like these hats. I’ve seen them with animals, too. You just can’t resist at least one or two of them!

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