I’ve spent four years as a stay at home mom. 90% of that time I’ve been really bad about remembering the things I want to try to do. I have heard great things about the Grimes Community Center, but I never think of it on a day that it is open. I want to take the yoga class at the Y, but I never remember it that day.

I had an A Ha moment last weekend when I realized I could just make a calendar with all of the possibilities for each day on it. Now if we don’t have plans when we wake up I can look at the calendar and find an activity. I hope this will get me to branch out more. I also hope it will get me to the Y more often.20181105_1429405457887113247483260.jpgI find that most of my A Ha! moments are closer to Well, Duh moments. I don’t care what they are as long as they make life easier.

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