A few weeks ago I told you how predictable I am when it comes to picking out colors for sweaters. It is even worse than I thought.

Here’s the sweater I just finished:20181103_0930262049686524622183208.jpgHere’s the Dove sweater I finished last year: 20181103_0930396852435809362364307.jpg

I have two sweaters that are the same color. Both are knit bottom up. Both have raglan sleeves. Both were Craftsy kits. Both yarns were selected because “the color is so bright and unlike any of my other sweaters.”20181103_093053450888782327311164.jpgSo help me, if I buy yarn this color for another sweater I am going to give up knitting.

8 thoughts on “Predictable

  1. tonymarkp says:

    I do this exact same thing with colors (I think a lot of us do!). My trick for buying new yarn is to just filter out my go-to colors if I’m ordering online. I have no tricks for leaving my color zone when wandering around a store. Your sweaters are gorgeous and, although similar in color, are totally different color ways and also have different stitches on them. They’re totally different in the end! More important is that they’re beautiful.

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