Audrey’s Birthday Party

On Saturday we celebrated Audrey’s birthday again. This time we celebrated with family over brunch. We have parties for Audrey and Elliot at my sister’s house, as she has a nice entertaining space and we live in a glorified tiny home.

I keep the food simple for birthday parties – fruit, frozen cinnamon rolls, and egg bakes. I don’t keep the cake simple. I make whatever cake the kids pick.

Audrey picked a pretzel cake from the cover of Homemade Decadence by Joy Wilson.  It was delicious. It was a triple layer chocolate cake with peanut butter butter cream. There were pretzels and chopped chocolate between the layers. It was topped with chopped chocolate and peanuts. Pretzels adorned the sides. Audrey helped me decorate the cake. She was very focused.

She was excited to blow out the candles.signal-2018-10-27-1326305124139855470358328.jpgShe thought the cake was delicious. John and I agreed.

After presents we headed home in time for naps. I love that about brunch.signal-2018-10-27-1325448742812062042821777.jpg

Please note that my sister not only lets us use her house, she also made Audrey’s hat and shirt. Audrey wears her party hat to every party she goes to. It gets a lot of use, as it should.signal-2018-10-27-132544-18092527569471994559.jpg

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