WIP Wednesday: 40/52

I continue to plug away at the two projects I’m actively working on. I am very excited that all I have left to do on the stockings is add a loop for hanging and duplicate stitch on names and years. I despise duplicate stitch, so I’m putting off doing it. I will get it done by next Monday night, as I will be able to give them to my friend at book club. 20181010_1754293239014150906319514.jpgI finished the body of the sweater and I’ve moved on to the first sleeve. I just finished the increases and only have 5 inches to go until I’m done with it.20181010_1752505719989457724836780.jpg

These sleeves are so easy to knit. They have limited shaping, so I have been working on them while the kids eat. If I don’t finish this sleeve tonight I’ll be taking it with me to work on while Audrey’s at swim lessons tomorrow. Maybe. I might use the time to continue reading The Heart’s Invisible Furies by John Boyne, as it is incredible and I can’t put it down. In fact, this blog entry might be shorter than normal so I can go read it.

I hope you are moving along on your knitting too.


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