Breaking Up With My Phone

I’m currently reading How To Break Up With Your Phone by Catherine Price. It is wonderful. I can’t stop talking about it, so if I’ve seen you over the past month or will see you at any point over the next year I’m sure I’ll gush about it to you.

The book is full of tasks to complete over a four-week period to end the addiction to your cell phone. I’m only at the beginning at week 2, but I am astonished at how much more time I have. I deleted Instagram (I’m planning to reinstall it once I have a better relationship with my phone) and suddenly I have so much extra time. I’m trying new recipes. I’m knitting more. I’m knitting faster (it’s amazing how much time I spent playing with my phone between rows).

The main reason I want to break up with my phone is I want my kids to have a mom who is engaged with them, not one who always has her face in her phone. I also didn’t want to be out with friends and wonder when the next time I could check my phone was. I hope I continue to find great help in the book. I’m never going to give up my smart phone, but I am going to use it as a tool, not something that keeps me from ever being bored.

If you have ever thought you spend too much time on your phone I highly recommend the book. I will probably share more about it once I’ve finished the book.

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