Weekend Fun and Summer Colds

Happy Monday! I was silent over the weekend because I was on my annual girls trip with my mom and sisters.

This year we went to Dubuque, which is about halfway between Des Moines (where my sister Kathleen and I are) and Chicago (where my sister Mary-Claire is).

I hadn’t been to Dubuque in about five years. It has changed so much. I was blown away with how great of a town Dubuque is. We headed to dinner at Brazen, which is in the historic Millwork District. We had sweet corn pizza, which was remarkable. I am torn between trying to recreate it or letting it live on in excellence in my memory.

The following morning we went to the farmers market, which was large, full of great prices, and full of interesting products. I picked up some cinnamon spice tea from a local tea company.

My mom and sisters continued to have fun after the market, but I am suffering from a severe summer cold, so I headed back to take a nap at the hotel. After my nap I joined them for a ride on the Fenlon Place Elevator. This short and affordable ride on the world’s shortest, steepest scenic railway is a must any time I visit Dubuque.

After our ride down the hill we went on a carriage ride tour around downtown Dubuque. It was wonderful. I learned a lot about Dubuque, even if a lot of it seemed exaggerated – like Al Capone owning several buildings downtown that were connected by tunnels to hide his cars and provide him with a quick getaway.

It was a great weekend in Dubuque. I am sad that I missed out on a lot of it due to coughing/trying to breathe/trying to stay awake.

I returned home to two kids and a husband in the early stages of the cold. It is likely to be a long week filled with Bob the Builder and Mickey Mouse around here.


I hope you all have a relaxing week planned. I hope you stay healthy!



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