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Earlier this month I mentioned I that I bought more purple yarn for my sweater. Ever since the yarn arrived I’ve been worried I would run out of green yarn. I have enough purple yarn now I could make the sleeves purple without any stripes and I would be fine. I decided against that, because I really love the stripes. I ordered more green yarn. The craziest thing happened. 20180813_1154504574771078846564536.jpgThe dye lot matches! It is a second knitting miracle in one sweater!

I ordered the yarn from Skein Shop both times. I had never heard of Skein Shop before; I discovered it by clicking on a link in Ravelry.  I have been blown away by their customer service, and I’ll be using them again.

With my first order I received a nice thank you note and a nail file.20180814_0956048923741615691868928.jpg

With my second order I received a note that recognized me as a return customer and some stitch markers. 20180813_1157101209798258250444730.jpg

With both orders I selected free shipping. I received an e-mail within hours of both orders telling me that the yarn was in the mail. I also received an e mail when my order was out for delivery.

I appreciate extra touches like notes and e mails that update me on the shipping process. I also love free shipping and fast delivery. If you are looking for yarn that you can’t find at your local yarn shop, I recommend giving Skein Shop a try.

Do you have any on-line yarn resources that you adore? Tell me about them, please.

4 thoughts on “Skein Shop

  1. They sound great. Customer service is what it’s all about with me.
    I love The Loopy Ewe. They have lots on Indie dyers I wouldn’t know about otherwise, oodles of gorgeous sock yarn and stellar customer service. They run fun events through their blog and Ravelry forum too.

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