Knitting Q&A

Karen, over at NothingButKnit recently posted some knitting questions over on her blog. Instead of just commenting my response, I thought it would be fun to respond over here and seeing if any of you would want to participate.

The questions are:

  1. What technique were you surprised that you enjoyed?
  2. What technique do you want to love but don’t?
  3. What is your favorite item to make?
  4. You’re only allowed to knit with one yarn weight forever. What weight is it and why?
  5. What item that you made is your all time favorite?



Here are my answers:

  1. I love picking up stitches for button bands or to add a finished look to a piece. For years I avoided patterns that had you pick up stitches because I thought it would be difficult and fiddly. I was wrong.
  2. I really want to like moss stitch and seed stitch. They look great, but I find them incredibly tedious. I also feel that way about ribbing. Basically if I have to move the yarn back and forth I don’t like the technique. I’m a thrower and I wonder if pickers have the same issues with that.
  3. Socks. They are small enough to throw in a purse. They are easy to pick up and put down. John and the kids love hand knit socks as much as I do, so they actually get used (unlike most of the sweaters I’ve made the kids).
  4. Fingering weight. This is a no brainer for me. I currently have 4 fingering weight projects on the needles: socks, a shawl, my scrap blanket, and a sweater (currently hibernating, but still technically on the needles).
  5. This blanket. It is beautiful, the right weight for napping, and a tangible reminder of my commitment to knit a little bit every day. There are bits of memories sewn in  – the long line of variegated yarn? That is from when Elliot was born. The parts where there are three squares in a row? Those are birthdays or anniversaries. I love this blanket so much. Probably too much, actually, as it is currently in my closet until Wrigley dies because her paws would ruin the blanket pretty quickly.20180522_15091451727142.jpg

I would love to hear your answers to the questions. If you’ve already answered Karen let me know and I’ll go read the comments. Even if you have only been knitting a few weeks (ahem, Kathleen), I would love to hear your answers.



14 thoughts on “Knitting Q&A

  1. Jess says:

    What technique were you surprised that you enjoyed? Hmmm I’m not sure maybe intarsia it is fiddly but I like the results.
    What technique do you want to love but don’t? Kitchener I want to love it but I just dread it.
    What is your favorite item to make? Socks! Same reasons 😊
    You’re only allowed to knit with one yarn weight forever. What weight is it and why? Fingering love the way it feels and if held to just one weight I could put multiple strands together to knit heavier weights
    What item that you made is your all time favorite?

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  2. AJ says:

    I did answer Karen’s questions:) but I’ll say that i hate picking up stitches and yet I love doing moss or seed stitch, though for some reason I don’t like doing ribbing.
    Your blanket is wonderful!!!!

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      1. tonymarkp says:

        It really depends. When I hold the yarn the other way (like for color knitting, when I use both methods) I “flick” instead of “throw”. If you can find a way to thread the yarn around your index finger to “flick” it around the other needle, you won’t need to swing the yarn forward and backward as much.


  3. Your blanket is so beautiful. I have a wall hanging (I think there’s a picture of it on my blog) which is 6 foot by 4 foot and backed with hessian. It’s over 25 years old and captures samples of my designs, some of which became sweaters; now they’re on my wall! The idea started a a 4 seasons design but morphed into earth and gardens, houses, trees and hills, all different. Looking at it now I’d knit it in a different way but I view it as a work of art.
    A technique I haven’t the guts to try is steeking because I daren’t cut a beautiful piece of knitting although I can see the advantages of knitting without shaping. Instead I knit as much as I can on circular needles and for my size I use Elizabeth Zimmermann’s instructions. I find they don’t work so well on men’s sizes. I use wool and 4ply (fingering) yarn and size 3.75 needles.

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  4. I answered on Karen’s blog. Some Pickers have issues with purling, it’s hard to purl when you have way to for e the yarn under the needle. A lot use the method of wrapping the yarn backwards to purl and then untwisting the stitch when they come to it. With throwing try to get comfortable working close to the tips, if you aren’t already. I throw and my movements are very slight and quick.


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