WIP Wednesday: 30/52

Happy Wednesday! I have been picking up my knitting here and there, but haven’t made much progress this week. That’s OK. I’m sure there will be days this winter where I don’t leave the house and all I do is knit.

I did make some good progress on John’s socks. I started the second sock on Sunday and I’ve been making slow progress since then.20180801_1351395795045383939667449.jpg

I split the sleeves off of the body of my sweater and was able to try it on. I love how it looks.20180730_2148294566653632423759175.jpgI decided to do 3 more increase rows (a stripe’s worth) than the pattern called for. I also cast on four stitches under the sleeves. I don’t like tight-fitting sleeves, and the addition of 10 total stitches on the arms will allow for my baggy t-shirts to fit with ease. I also opted to go with stockinette under the arms instead of the P1, K2, P1 called for in the pattern.

I no longer fear running out of yarn. I bought two skeins of the purple. I don’t expect the dye lot to match, but I’m hoping it will be close enough I can use it for the sleeves and no one will notice. I will probably end up with lots of extra yarn now, but I’m sure I’ll find a good use for it.

The sweater continues to take longer than I anticipated. I’ve knit a DK sweater on size 6s before, but for some reason this one feels like it is taking so much longer than that one did. I blame the purl rows.

Have a great week! I hope you accomplish all of your knitting goals.

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