WIP Wednesday: 29/52

Happy Wednesday! I am happy to share my Wednesday progress this week. It has been a busy week, just not so much on the knitting front.

My sweater is moving along slowly. It continues to slip off the needles, but that is giving me great practice at picking up fallen stitches. I absolutely love the sweater. I messaged someone on Ravelry with the same yarn in her stash to see if she had the same dye lot. She hasn’t responded yet. I’m giving it a week and then I’m going to give up and order more yarn. It is not likely to match exactly, but I’m hoping if I use it for the sleeves it won’t be noticeable. If you have ever used yarn of different dye lots in a project like that please let me know how it worked out. I could do a contrasting gray bit at the bottom, but I’m loving the green and purple so much I don’t want to change the look unless using a different dye lot would be disastrous. 20180725_1317036894880449559528673.jpg

John’s socks are also moving along slowly. I’m almost done with the gusset on the first sock. I have a reason for not making much progress on these – I’m in Cedar Falls for three days this week and then camping all weekend so I wanted to knit ahead on my daily squares. That meant most of my mindless knitting this week was spent working on the blanket.20180725_1316113481391757280771561.jpg

I’m now off to get some knitting done while the kids nap. Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: 29/52

  1. AJ says:

    The last time o had to change dye lots I actually ended up having to go back and alternate the dye lots as they were different, but this seemed to make it seem like it was meant to be that way. It was unfortunately a lot of tinking and reknitting but I ended up happy

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    1. I am trying to convince myself that with the stripes you won’t be able to notice, but I am pretty sure I’m lying to myself. I am also thinking I just might switch to a neutral color when I run out of the purple. That would either look lovely or hideous. I have never had a project that caused me so much stress before, I suppose that is what I get for using yarn I bought for the kids for myself.

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      1. AJ says:

        Lol well I hope you don’t have to take it apart and I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the new skeins are a perfect match:)


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