Saturday Morning at the Farm

A dear friend of mine lives on her family farm just outside of town. This morning the kids and I hopped in the car for the short 20  minute drive to her house. They had an amazing time (so did I, as I got to hang out with Ivy).

First Audrey helped feed the bottle calf.


Then they brushed some calves.


Elliot wasn’t too sure about being around the animals, but he loved checking out the trucks. So did Audrey.



As we were packing up to go back to town Ivy sent me home with some corn and chicken from their freezer. Earlier this week she and her mom took me to Coscto to pick up a new deep freeze, so they knew that our freezer wasn’t as full as it usually is. Iowa sweet corn is something special, and I cook chicken at least once a week, so I was thrilled to add the haul to our freezer. In fact, I should go pull out some corn for dinner tonight….

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