I Hate My Freaking Basement

Today I was supposed to write about what I read in June and what I hope to read in July. That is on hold until tomorrow though, as I’m dealing with a flooded basement. We got 10 inches of rain in an hour last night, which led to major flooding in my neighborhood. Our basement, which has always stayed dry, had six inches of water in it.

I never knew how much stuff we had in the basement within six inches of the floor. It’s a lot. All of our wrapping paper. Our board games. Two waffle irons. My wedding dress (presumably ruined). Books. Oh, so many books. Rugs (those get really heavy when they are wet). Our chest freezer (to be determined on if it survives).

I’m overwhelmed. I’m tired. I’m thankful for in-laws who take the kids at the drop of a hat. I’m thankful that we only got six inches in our basement. Our next door neighbor (our houses are so close we share a driveway) got three feet of water. A few houses down they had six feet of water. Six inches isn’t so bad when I have a bit of perspective.

The thing is, after working on clearing out the basement for four hours and seeing no progress, I don’t have much perspective. Right now I am just thinking about how much this sucks.

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