Turn it Around

When plans that I have been looking forward to change at the last-minute I can get really sad about it. I don’t think I’m alone in that. I think most people are disappointed when things they have been looking forward to don’t happen.

I was supposed to be in North-West Iowa this weekend for a family reunion. The kids and I were all set for a weekend of swimming in the hotel pool and playing with cousins on the farm. We hit the road this morning and picked up Aunt Kathy to ride with us. We were about 45 minutes outside of Des Moines when our plans changed. Audrey asked what was wrong with her mouth and then threw up all over herself.

We turned around. She seems fine, but I don’t know for sure. I didn’t want to be stuck in the hotel with a sick kid or kids. I also didn’t want to get my cousins’ kids sick.

So now I’m at home all weekend and I’m kind of having a pity party for myself because I’m going to miss out on all of the fun.

I’m going to turn my mood around. I am going to focus on all of the things we can do this weekend now that we’re at home. I’m going to plan a 4th of July craft for the kids. I’m going to plan a family BBQ for Sunday. I’m going to convince John we are going to the Omaha zoo on a family vacation because we aren’t spending money on a hotel this weekend. It is going to be OK.

Yup, I will turn this mood around. But first I’m going to have a pity party for about 20 more minutes.

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