Family Bike Ride

This morning we headed off on a short family bike ride. I’ve always made John pull the kids in the Burley while I rode on Mary-Claire’s college bike. Her old bike is adorable, but rickety. It is hard to ride without humming to the Wicked Witch of the West song. It even has the same handle bars.


We rode to breakfast in our neighborhood. It was really nice to go out as a family. The kids eat at 5, which is before John gets home, so we don’t get a lot of family meals together.


On the way home I tried pulling the kids in the Burley. I always thought it would be really hard. It’s not. It’s a much smoother ride than my rickety old bike. I think I’ll change-up my usual walking routine by occasionally biking the kids to the library and parks.

I hope your Saturday was filled with pancakes and pleasant surprises about sporting equipment too.

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