World Giraffe Day

Happy World Giraffe Day! What? You didn’t know that was a day that needed to be celebrated? Well, neither did I until last year when Audrey became obsessed with giraffes. Now that we are a giraffe obsessed household I decided it was high time we started celebrating the holiday.


We celebrated with a trip to the zoo. It was a drizzly, overcast morning. That weather was perfect for us – it kept people away. There wasn’t a long line to feed the giraffes. On beautiful days there is a long line, which doesn’t work with a two-year old and a three-year old. Today we only had to wait about five minutes before it was our turn.

I think feeding the giraffes might become a new World Giraffe Day tradition for us. I love that the kids get the experience of feeding them, but it isn’t something I want to pay for on every trip to the zoo.

How did you celebrate World Giraffe Day?


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