SYSKO Update

I’ve been making lots of progress this week on the scrap yarn shawl knock off. After talking with Mary-Claire I’ve updated the dimensions to 43 inches X 32 inches. That means I cast on 121 stitches on size 15 needles. I’m working each stripe for 5 3/8 inches.

I’m already on the second color. 20180618_1314092381898100813536120.jpg

The row of stockinette in the midst of all of the garter stitch is by design. I don’t like how it looks when you switch colors in garter stitch. I think the change in landscape will add a nice bit of visual interest to the finished garment (that is my fancy way of saying it will keep it from looking like she is wearing an afghan).

I hope to be on the third color by next Monday. I might be even further than that, as I am having so much fun working on this I can’t bring myself to pick up my socks.

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