Pancake Molds

Last winter my friend went to the Disney parks in Florida and brought the kids a pancake mold. I had never used one before, but after using it a few times I was hooked. It helped me make perfect Mickey pancakes.

Last week I discovered that Williams Sonoma makes pancake molds. I immediately ordered a set. Why? They make a giraffe mold. How could I say no to that?

The set came with a giraffe, monkey, and elephant. They are not as easy to use as the Mickey one, as you have to remove the mold when you flip the pancake. It will take a few tries before I get the batter the right consistency to pour easily into all of the limbs.

I now want an even bigger griddle to fit more pancake molds on at a time. John might be getting a pancake griddle for Father’s Day. I am sure he would be thrilled with that.

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