WIP Wednesday: 22/52

Happy Wednesday! I’ve put off writing this post all day because I really thought I would be able to show you one finished sock. Unfortunately that didn’t happen (darn kids and their short and/or non-existent naps!). I am very close, and with any hope I’ll be finishing this sock tonight. I will be picking up the toys before I start knitting. Probably. 20180606_1908401016252877.jpg

I started a scarf last week. I had no plans to knit a scarf, much less a garter one, but I was going to a movie (Book Club – hilarious!) and I can only knit rib or stockinette socks in a theater. So I dove into my stash, found yarn, and cast on. The yarn is knit collage. It’s a sparkly hot pink silk. I bought it when my favorite yarn shop was closing and I was blinded by discount yarn and the emotions of losing my home yarn shop. This is a case of falling for the look of a yarn without thinking about how you will never want to wear an item knit with the yarn. Audrey loves it though, so it all works out in the end.


I’m really enjoying having a completely mindless project to work on when I find time to pick up knitting. For the next week I hope to start the second vanilla latte sock and work a few inches on my scarf. We have been on the go and I just haven’t found time to sit down and knit.

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