Chocolate Frozen Yogurt

Two years ago, when Elliot was a tiny baby who refused to sleep, I lent my ice cream maker to Kathleen. I figured I wouldn’t be able to use it for a while. That was true.

When Elliot was a baby we were tired the entire summer. We barely survived. We lived off of frozen meals, the thought of making ice cream from scratch was laughable. Last year things were better, but we were still pretty frazzled. I managed to make fudgesicles once, but ice cream was still a stretch goal.

This year we are in the groove, so I asked for the ice cream maker back. Soon after I got the ice cream maker back Bridget had a post on the Pioneer Woman website about homemade frozen yogurt. I was intrigued.

Do you know about Bridget? Her blog is one of my favorites. Her sugar cookie recipe is my go to sugar cookie recipe (you don’t have to chill the dough!!). I follow her on Instagram. I like to pretend that if I lived in Texas we would be best friends. Sort of like how I pretend that if I lived in New York I would be best friends with Deb.  Or, if I was in New Orleans, Joy would want to hang out. Do you do that too? Please tell me I’m not the only one with imaginary food blogger best friends.

Whoops! Sorry about that tangent! Anyway…. Last night I finally got around to starting the process of making frozen yogurt. The first step is draining a quart of plain whole milk yogurt overnight in a cheese cloth. 20180603_1016071846673521.jpg

Nothing makes me feel quite so fancy as using cheese cloth. It is such an easy tool to use, but it feels like something a real cook would use.

After its shift overnight in the refrigerator my yogurt had drained off about a cup and a half of liquid. I had basically made Greek yogurt.

I put the yogurt into a bowl with the rest of the ingredients and whisked them until smooth. It looked a lot like chocolate mousse at that point. It was also delicious. I gave both kids a taste, and they were both fans.

I churned the yogurt in my machine for about 25 minutes and then put it in a container to freeze it until solid. After four hours it wasn’t totally solid yet, but I decided it was time to taste it.


Yum. This is my favorite thing I’ve ever made in my ice cream maker. It’s tart. It’s chocolaty. It’s really unhealthy. I love it.

It is not something I’ll make regularly, as it is full of sugar and fat and I want to eat the entire batch in one sitting. I will be making it again whenever I have a group coming over that will help me eat it.

Have you ever made frozen yogurt? What is your favorite flavor of ice cream?

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