JoAnn’s Impulse Purchase

Audrey loves giraffes. If she has a clean giraffe shirt or dress that is what she is wearing that day. She loves to see them at the zoo. She likes books about them. She has several stuffed giraffes – Mr. Giraffe (her favorite), two baby giraffes, teeeny tiny giraffe, and big baby giraffe. Did you know a group of giraffes is called a tower? We had to look it up in order to describe the animals Audrey sleeps with.

Audrey and I were out running errands this morning and our last stop was JoAnn’s. While we are there we happened to find some giraffe flannel.


You may have noticed that I never write about sewing. That is because I hate it and I refuse to do it. Yet I bought a yard of flannel. I bought it with the hope that I could convince my sister Kathleen to sew something with it. She is an excellent sewest and has made Audrey clothes in the past.

I sent her a message and asked if she would make something with it. She said of course. Then she asked what I wanted her to make. That is the point where I came up blank. A dress? Jammie pants? A maxi skirt? Well, not the maxi skirt, Kathleen nixed that idea because it would have a weird nightgown vibe (that is a great example of how she is good at all things sewing related).

Please help me out. What should Kathleen make for Audrey with the giraffe fabric? What should I make her as a thank you? I’m thinking her favorite cookies.

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