Do you ever have days where you get nothing done? Today was one of those days for me. It’s too hot to play outside, so we were stuck inside most of the day. I resorted to putting on a Laurie Berkner Band DVD so the kids could have a dance party. They needed to move and burn off some energy.

Audrey danced the entire time. I hoped she would nap, but it didn’t work. She usually only naps if we do something in the morning. So after trying to sleep for an hour she painted while Elliot slept.

Once Elliot got up they decided they would pretend to nap in my bed. I cannot explain how annoying it is that Audrey won’t nap, yet one of her favorite games is pretending to nap.


After they stopped “napping” we finally left the house. We went to Aldi because we needed milk and I needed to get out of the house. I am really glad we went there because they currently have hydrangeas for only $10. I’m kicking myself for only getting one. I might head back later this week to get another one as we are redoing one of our front beds (we is not the right word, John is doing it and I’m telling him what I want him to do).


I don’t think going to Aldi really counts as doing anything, as I just haphazardly walked around throwing things into my cart without a list. Tomorrow I will get things done!

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