Getting Used to New Eyes

Seven months ago I had lens implants put in my eyes. I have worn glasses or contacts since fourth grade. I had strong glasses. There was no rolling over in bed and looking at the clock without them on. I couldn’t see anything without them. They were as much a part of my life as clothing. They were always there.

I don’t need them anymore. It is wonderful. I wake up and I can see. I can walk in the rain without fear of rain covered glasses. I can walk in from the cold and not be bothered about my glasses fogging up. It is amazing. It is life changing. I love it. I wish I would have done it years ago.

This morning was the first morning since surgery where I woke up and knew I didn’t need glasses. Until today, every morning I would wake up and reach for them. Many nights I would think that I needed to take my contacts out. I knew eye surgery would be great, but I never knew how long it would take my mind to catch up to the new reality. I would not have guessed seven months.


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