Finished Socks

You guys, I am so tired. Remember how my friend and I took 4 kids under 4 camping? Over Mother’s Day weekend? That was silly. Don’t get me wrong, it was also fun, I’m just super tired. Audrey didn’t fall asleep the first night, no one napped Saturday, and last night Elliot tossed and turned and cried from 10-3:30. Thankfully Kirsten had some Tylenol in her suitcase (what a well prepared mom! Good job, friend!). Elliot finally fell asleep for the night a little after that. The other kids were up at 6:30. So, yeah, I’m tired.

The drive home today was long. My sister lent me her portable DVD player, and I threw screen time limits out the window. The kids enjoyed Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Bob the Builder for the four and a half hour drive. The drive was a half hour longer than normal because we drove through a horrible storm.

We finally made it home and the kids crashed. The napped until we woke them up for dinner. Their long naps gave me the time to finish John’s socks.


Please note that the legs really are the same length – I neglected to make sure the socks were pulled up to the same height on the blockers. Oops.

The yarn is Madeline Tosh in the Home colorway. I love the colors, they are so calming. I love how the socks knit up, there was very little pooling. I did find knitting these socks to be a bit boring, which is often the way with plain vanilla socks. The boringness was exacerbated by the size of the sock needed to fit John. A 72 stitch round seems to take SO MUCH longer than a 64 stitch round.

I love that John adores hand knit socks, and I will continue to make them for him. I do, however, think that I will be making a few pairs for the kids and myself before I make him another pair.

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