Spring Training

I used to run 5ks. I was never very fast, but I did it. I liked following a training program; if you followed the right steps you were ready for the race. Lately I’ve started to think that summer needs a training program.

I suppose that is what spring is – warmer weather to get us used to the joy of summer. It feels like we skipped spring. We went from 40 degree days to 80 degree days in less than a week.

I needed spring. I needed it to train for summer. We went from being lazy most days to going constantly. We usually hit up a park in the morning, come home for lunch and naps, and then play in the yard in the afternoon. It is very fun, but I’m exhausted. I’m not used to wanting to crawl into bed at 9.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining about being so busy and active. I’m complaining about how tired I am because I didn’t have a month to get used to being on the go constantly.

I’m off to bed now, an hour before normal. I’m too tired to knit, so I might as well sleep. Wish me luck getting used to my new busy schedule.

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