Five on Friday: Aldi Finds

It has been ages since my last Five on Friday post. I thought I would bring it back to share some of the great things I’ve been getting at Aldi.

I love shopping at Aldi. They have carts that fit two kids. They have unbelievably cheap produce. They have great snacks. They have random crap that I just can’t live without (kids Wonder Woman long underwear, folding step stools, Mickey Mouse watches, lawn furniture, etc.)

Five of the things I’ve been picking up lately are:

Take and bake pizza ($5.49)

20180503_1614301197948704.jpgThese pizzas are huge. I have a full size oven, and the pizza barely fits. I like it as much as any other take and bake pizza I’ve tried, for much less money. I usually pick one up when we shop at Aldi and have it for dinner that night.



Pretzel Twists ($1.49)

20180503_1615421987949007.jpgJohn and I both have strong opinions on snack food. We rarely see eye to eye. These pretzels are the exception. They are somehow extra crunchy than most pretzels. We both love them. I usually buy two bags at a time, as we have developed a bit of an addiction.





Salt & Pepper Pistachios ($5.49)

20180503_161633889645573.jpgI wish I could explain how good these pistachios are. Some things are too good for adjectives. They are delicious.






Chickpea Snacks ($2.89)

20180503_1617541249868941.jpgHave you ever had roasted chickpeas? They are crunchy. They are tasty. They are one of my favorite snacks.

I often roast my own chickpeas, but for this price I am spending more money making my own. These are consistently crunchy, whereas the ones I make my own are not. I will probably continue to make my own occasionally, but not until the winter when I’m happy to have my oven on for an hour.



Spanish Cheese Sampler ($4.29)

20180503_1618291027379010.jpgThis is just the right amount of cheese for when you are throwing a cheese plate together for a group of 2-4. It’s an instant cocktail party – just add some grapes, some nuts, and some wine. I love that the cheese comes sliced, which makes it easy for serving.




Do you shop at Aldi? What are some of your favorite Aldi finds?

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