**Insert expletive here**

Audrey is currently enrolled in swim lessons that meet on Thursday mornings at the Y. It is a lovely break for me – she swims, Elliot is in the learn and play center, and I sit on the side of the pool knitting. It’s about as close to vacation knitting as I get these days.

This morning I made good progress. I have one row to go until I start the heel flap on John’s second sock. I was knitting that last row when I felt something funny – the needle breaking.


I’m incredibly annoyed. The needles were my favorite – Lykke Driftwood. They were a Christmas gift from this year. I can’t believe they only lasted four months. I was also at the point where I was making good progress on the sock. I am afraid changing needles will stop all of my sock momentum.

I ordered a new pair of Driftwood needles (I love them enough to give them another shot) and a pair of Chiaogoo needles (I keep hearing wonderful things about them). I’m going to dig out my old Knit Picks needles to use until the new ones arrive. It is to be determined if I actually knit with them or just transfer the stitches to the new needle.

Has this ever happened to you?

5 thoughts on “**Insert expletive here**

  1. I feel your pain. I have broken bamboo sock size needles. I no longer buy bamboo needles in smaller sizes. My favorite sock needles are Skacel metal ones that I’ve used for more than 15 years. One has a bit of a bend but other than that they’re fine. I hope your replacement needles arrive quickly!


  2. This has happened to me with way too often 😀 Around 10 years ago I learned my lesson about plastic needles and temperature changes: in the duration of one winter I lost two sets of Pony glittery needles. And I guess my style of knitting is too aggressive for bamboo needles too! 😉

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  3. MC says:

    That sucks! I’m sorry they didn’t last very long. They do seem super fragile- the first pair I got for you came broken in the mail, but I just blamed poor packaging. Turns out they’re just turds.


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