Road Trip

We are about to load up the car and head up to the Twin Cities to visit my cousin and her kids. Our kids are close in age, and it should be fun watching them play together. We just have to get through the drive first.

It’s a four hour drive to the Twin Cities. Audrey will be fine, she has been going on girls weekends since she was one. I’m worried about Elliot though. This is twice as long as he has ever been in the car. He is used to the two-hour drive to my parents, and he often cries about an hour and forty-five minutes in.

We don’t have a DVD player in the car and the kids don’t have iPads (not because I’m against screen time, but because they are expensive so I haven’t bought them….yet). I’m doing a few things to make the drive as smooth as possible.

  1. I’m packing snacks. Snacks usually keep the kids quiet for 20 minutes. I’m bringing teddy grahams, cheez its, raisins, and pouches. Those are all snacks that don’t make a big mess. I live in a fantasy world where I don’t think my back seat is littered with popcorn and M&Ms from trips past.
  2. I’m packing quiet books. I’m very lucky to have a sister who sews. She has made two quiet books for Audrey, and I’ll be depending on those to keep kids happy for part of the drive. I’ve also thrown in some crayons and paper for on the drive coloring.
  3. I’m having each kid pack a back pack with books and toys they want to play with on the drive.
  4. I’m bringing their blankets and favorite stuffed animals to help them sleep in the car.
  5. I’m bringing my Aunt Kathy with me. She is so great. I love talking to her, the kids love her, and it’s going to make stopping for snacks and potty breaks so much easier.

I hope the drive goes well. I also hope the kids sleep on the drive. You can bet I’ll be counting stuffed animals before and after each stop. I’m not going through the stress of a lost Minnie again.

Lunch Planning Update


Last week I shared that I was trying meal planning for lunches. I am happy to report that it was a success. I will be doing it again starting next week (we are out of town most of this week, so I didn’t bother).

I am surprised at what a difference planning lunches made. The kids only ate chicken nuggets once last week. I wasn’t stressed when I needed to get lunch on the table at noon and we walked in the door at 11:55. It was one less thing to think about.

I am a lunch planning convert. Now I just need to get better about meal planning dinners.

Fingerless Mitts

After I wrote my WIP post last week I decided I needed to get started on fingerless mitts for Kathleen to use at track meets. I found a skein of Knit Picks Swish DK that I was eager to get out of my stash, and I searched on Ravelry for a pattern that would work. I settled on Good Time Fingerless Mitts by Melissa Woods.

I think the pattern was fine for a free pattern, but I do not love it. If I make them again I’ll make the thumb a little shorter and do M1R and M1L increases instead of K f&b. The hand is a little long, but if it bothers her for crocheting she can fold it down.

I love how fast fingerless mitts are to knit up. I am sad to report that there is snow on the ground again, so she’ll probably need real mittens at her next track meet. I really hope spring is here to stay soon.

Elliot Turns Two

Today is Elliot’s birthday. I don’t know where the past two years have gone. It seems like just yesterday he was a screaming baby who barely slept. Now he’s a big guy that loves trucks, whisks, and going to the grocery store. He loves being on the go. He has a large vocabulary and talks all the time (no seriously, all of the time. I would really like him to give it a rest for an hour or two). He wants to be a grandpa when he grows up. He is such a joy, and we are so happy that he is ours.

To celebrate his birthday we had a party for family at my sister’s house. Her house has the space for entertaining, ours does not.  We do brunch birthday parties for the kids. They nap in the afternoons, so planning a lunch or early dinner can be hard.

Brunch doesn’t just work with timing, it also helps with food. Brunch food is delicious and can be made ahead. We had 2 egg bakes (strata with sausage and potatoes with bacon), cinnamon rolls (I go with the freezer kind for birthday parties), fruit, and cake.

I made two cakes. A layer cake for everyone and a smaller cake just for Elliot. He loves construction equipment, so I topped the cakes with Oreo dirt and put a few new toys on top. It was a very easy way to decorate and I didn’t have to worry about how the top of the cake looked. 20180414_0937251381250925.jpg

Audrey helped me put the trucks on. I’m pretty sure she only wanted to help because she thought she could sneak frosting. In addition to stealing cake, she also made sure the excavator was dumping dirt into the dump truck.

When it was time for Elliot to eat his cake he had no interest. He only wanted to play with the backhoe.


This is his cake after he was done with it. He wasn’t interested. Trucks are more exciting than cake.

I would like for time to slow down, but I know it won’t. I hope he continues to be a sweet boy, continues to grow, continues to learn, and continues to enjoy toys more than cake. I also hope he continues to want snuggles from his mommy.


Picnic Weather

It was beautiful here yesterday. It was in the low 70s, which we haven’t seen since December. After swim lessons I decided to be fun mom and pick up McDonald’s on the way home.

We pulled out the picnic table and enjoyed lunch in the sun. They both ate a lot of their meals, which they did not do the last time we had a picnic. Because they actually ate, I plan on trying another picnic again soon. If the weather cooperates.