Three Yarn Diet Cheats

I continue to take my yarn diet very seriously. I have managed to reduce my stash substantially. It no longer stresses me out. It no longer contains yarn I never want to knit with. Because of all that progress I’ve decided there are some kinds of yarn that don’t need to be counted as earned yarn when I buy it.

Type 1: Yarn for presents I am going to knit. I didn’t think about factoring this in. I am working with one of my sisters on designing a Christmas present for her. It will be a cardigan/wrap combo full of color. If I had the yarn in my stash that would have been great, but I didn’t, so I bought it. 20180427_192904864481651.jpg

Type 2: Scrap blanket I Cord Edging yarn. I don’t add the yarn that goes into the blanket to my spreadsheet, so I’m not going to ding the yarn diet for the yarn that will be the applied i cord edging. I guessed on how much yarn I would need for this, and I’m really hoping this is enough.20180427_1926362069645370.jpg

Type 3: Yarn with the same name as one of my kids or my dog. I can’t turn that down. So when I saw that Knit Picks has Hawthorne in a colorway named Eliot I had to pick some up to make socks for John and me. Sure, our Elliot has two Ls and the yarn only has one, but I think it is close enough. 20180427_1927051125352663.jpg

My goal for this weekend is to wind the I Cord yarn and finish weaving in the ends. Once the ends are woven in I’m getting started with the I Cord. I just hope I can find my size 2 DPNs.

3 thoughts on “Three Yarn Diet Cheats

  1. Good luck with Type 1. I tried that with quilting fabric, and now have a whole cupboard full of fabric for presents I haven’t gotten around to making yet. I hope you have better luck than I did!

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    1. I think I’ll be OK because she knows I’m making it for her. I could not be trusted to buy yarn for gifts if the person I was making something for didn’t know about it (I bought yarn to make my husband socks 7 years before I got around to actually making them).

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