Justifying my washi tape collection

The kids were gone visiting John’s parents all day today (they are really great and watch the kids whenever we ask). I though I would find some time to relax and knit, but that didn’t happen. I tackled a bunch of projects that are hard to do with kids around.

One of those things was deciding where to put the art up in the kids room. I wanted to move a few things around and put up several new pictures that have been hanging out waiting to be hung for months. I hate hammering in nails into our walls because they are plaster, and tend to crumble and make a big mess and basically frustrate me. Luckily John loves doing handy stuff, so he is game to hang 7 things tomorrow.

I wanted to make the process of him hanging things as painless as possible, so I decided to pull out my washi tape.  I have a large collection of washi tape. Back when I was working I would buy cute packs off of Pick Your Plum (man, I miss that website) almost every week.

I picked seven rolls out of my stash. I assigned a tape to each photo that needs to be hung. I then used the tape that matches each piece to indicate where they should each be hung up.


I’ll let you know if it is a smashing success or an epic failure.


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