WIP Wednesday: 14/52

Happy Wednesday! I have been enjoying the 100 Days Project, but it is very nice to have a regular blog post subject today. It is hard coming up with ideas to write about every day. If there is anything you would like to hear about, please suggest it. I would be thrilled to receive some suggestions.

My knitting progress has been slow this week. I finished the hat I’ve been working on. It is the fourth time I’ve made the hat this year, so I figured it didn’t warrant another photo.

I have a few inches complete on John’s socks. The yarn is wonderful to work with (Madeline Tosh always is) and the colors are perfect for him. I am willing to bet these will become his favorite socks.


In addition to the socks I’m also working on the YMCA Supportive Housing Campus yarn bombing project. I’m also dangerously close to casting on fingerless gloves for my sister. She requested them so she could keep her hands warm while crocheting at track meets. I think that means I should finish them before the end of track season.

What are you working on this week?

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