New Fitness Monitor

I try to stay active. One thing that helps to motivate me is having a fitness monitor. I’ve had a fitbit for years. The battery wasn’t strong, and needed to be charged almost every day. I decided it was time to get a new one. I looked at the fitbits, but I didn’t love mine enough to want to spend $100 on a new tracker.

I was talking about my pedometer issues with a friend. She said she was looking into getting a Misfit, as she was experiencing fitbit issues to. I found a sparkly blingy monitor on sale for only $40. It has a fancy pants band and a plain black band, so if I’m not feeling glitzy I can tone it down a notch.



I have been wearing the band for a couple of hours, and I like it so far. Unlike fitbit it is waterproof, so I can shower and swim with it on. That will come in handy this summer when the kids and I are in the water a lot.

I do have one issue with the monitor, however. It tracks knitting as steps. I have long daydreamed of knitting as cardio, but I do not see this as a dream come true. I am annoyed that I have to take off my tracker to knit, but not to shower. I hope I was just knitting something wonky today and it stops counting knitting as stepping.

Do you wear a fitness monitor? What keeps you motivated to stay active?

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