Busy Day

Oh my gosh. I have had the busiest day. It’s 10:30 and I’m just getting time to sit down and write.

Let me tell you about my day. I got up with Elliot at about 7:30. I had coffee, he had milk, and we watched the news. It is how we start every day. He grabs the blanket and crawls into my lap and asks for the news. The kid love CBS This Morning as much as I do.


After breakfast (scrambled eggs and blueberry pancakes) Audrey and I headed out to Target so she could pick out a present for Elliot’s birthday next week. She also picked out a fingernail polish color, as she is currently obsessed with nail polish.

After Target we headed to the YMCA for Audrey’s tumbling class. She loves tumbling. I love how it wears her out so much she naps after class.


After tumbling I took Audrey home, said hi to John and Elliot, and ran out the door to go meet Ivy for lunch and knitting.


After knitting I ran to the grocery store, as we were precariously low on milk and fresh vegetables. While I was putting the groceries away the babysitter pulled up (my mother-in-law and father-in-law are generous babysitters). John filled her in on dinner plans while I brushed my hair, then we were out the door.

We went to an early showing of A Wrinkle In Time. I had just read the book and expected great things. I was not impressed. I actually found myself hoping that John would lean over and suggest that we leave.

It was only in the 40s, but it was sunny. We took advantage of the sun and headed out Greenwood Park and walked around the pond.

After our walk we headed to a birthday party. We ate tacos. We ate cake. There were mustaches. It was a lovely time (even though my hair was doing a weird flip thingy).

I am finally home for the night, and I’m exhausted! Tomorrow will not be as busy, and I’m looking forward to it.

I hope you had a great day!

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