WIP Wednesday: 11/52

Do you remember last week when I couldn’t decide if the yarn I picked out was beautiful or hideous? I have my answer.

Ugly Socks

So I made some really ugly socks. The more I look at them the more they delight me, even though I know they are garish and not at all my style. I am annoyed with how the yarn pooled. I normally don’t mind pooling, but this was too much .

The good news is the pattern was fun and flew. The pattern is Play Nice Socks by Meanest Mommy Knits. I really like Lisa’s patterns. If you are looking for a new sock pattern I suggest giving her a try.

As for the work in progress portion of my WIP Wednesday post? I have nothing on needles (OK, fine, I still have the cardigan in my closet and my sock yarn blanket, but I don’t have any updates on those).

I’m going to cast on two projects tonight. New socks for Audrey (which will be socks for Elliot next) and a new hat for myself in the South Dakota Yarn Co. I picked up last weekend.

I don’t anticipate those projects taking too long. I have a few more hats I would like to make, and I always like to make socks. I really need to come up with my next big project. I have enough DK yarn to make the kids a sweater, I just need to find a pattern that I like.

Have a great week!

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