WIP Wednesday: 8/25


Today I am updating you on my knitting progress from my favorite coffee shop in the world. Cup of Joe opened in my hometown the year I graduated from high school. I love it here. But I am writing on my phone, so it could be an interesting post.

This week I made some progress on my socks. I am now ready to start the heel on the second sock.


I really should be done with this project by now, but I cannot stop knitting Elliot’s sweater.


I talked my mom into sewing the buttons on for me. I am using half inch buttons instead of the three quarter inch buttons the pattern called for, because my mom had cute half inch buttons I could use. The button holes are just yarn over button holes, so half inch might work better (or maybe I think they are a little small so I am talking myself into them).

The only thing that is stopping me from whipping out the sleeves is a hat that I decided needed to be made for a birthday party on Saturday.


I am making another knit slouchy hat. This will be my third one in six months. It is such a great hat, I am now in the habit of making them for gifts.

Have a great week!

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