WIP Wednesday: 6/52

Happy Wednesday! We’re enjoying a warm day in Iowa. It is in the mid 40s, which feels like shorts weather after the past two months. I have been trying to get outside as much as possible with the kids. My attention span for playing outside is shockingly short, so I end up daydreaming about future knitting projects while the kids play.

I’m still putting in time on the cocoon sweater most days. I have six rows left before I start the shawl collar. I am hoping to finish the sweater before the end of the month. I’m getting so close to finishing I need to start thinking about my next sweater project. I know I’m going to make a sweater for Elliot, but I still need to decide on the pattern and colors (I have the yarn for 4 color combinations).

I finished the monkey socks. They are such a fun knit. I don’t know why I haven’t made them in eight years. I ended up giving this pair to my mom, because she asked for them. I usually give her what she asks for.


I told her she can’t ask for my next pair of socks. I’m making a pair of St. Patrick’s Day socks with yarn I bought at Heartland Fiber’s Fiberpalooza last year. It’s dyed by Born in  a Barn Fiber Arts. I love the color. I love the yarn. I am going to love these socks.


I made up the pattern I’m using for these socks. I’m knitting a 3×1 rib and shifting it one stitch every 5 rows. That makes a slow spiral. It’s just what I needed for this yarn – something simple, but not so simple it’s boring.

In the next week I’ll be working on the socks and the cardigan. If I finish the socks I’m going to start a hat for myself. I’m going to make the Gretel Tam I made earlier this year in a beautiful Bluefaced Leicester yarn I got in my fibreshare box last year. I’ll also cast on a pair of vanilla socks to pick up when I need something mindless to knit.

Are you as ready for spring as we are? What do you like to knit when the weather is warm?

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