WIP Wednesday 5/52

Happy Wednesday! We’re halfway through the week, and I already feel like I’ve accomplished a weeks worth of knitting.

Why? Because I finally finished John’s Christmas socks. I am thrilled to be done with these puppies.

On the huge cardigan I have completed 4 inches of the six inches of bottom ribbing. I’m knitting two rows a day on it.  I would pick it up more often, but the acrylic yarn bothers my thumbs. I no longer hate it. I now think it will be really cozy to throw on over a t-shirt on extra cold days when we don’t bother to leave the house.

Do you remember a really long time ago when I told you I cast on Monkey socks? And then I pulled the stitches off the needles by accident? After I finished John’s socks and the Fingerless Mitts I picked them up. I only had to pick up few stitches that had dropped down three rows. They were in much better shape than I assumed they would be. I’m getting close to the heel on the first sock, so I should be able to be done with the first sock by next Wednesday.

I am now thinking about what to make next. I have the yarn to make a sweater for Elliot, and I should probably do that soon. I know I have enough yarn for a 2 T sweater, but I hope I have enough for a 3 T sweater. He is wearing 2 T now, and I hate to make him a sweater that he can only wear for two months. I’m also going to make a few hats. I keep losing my hats, so I could use a new one. I also think they are a good late winter present to send to friends. Who isn’t perked up by a new hand knit hat?

Disclaimer: I may be convincing myself to knit hats because they burn through yarn quickly and I have a coupon for 20% off at my LYS this month. I would like to be able to use it to buy 2 skeins of Rowan Cashmere for a hat for myself and some Regia Pairfect for a new pair of socks for John. I want to stick to my yarn diet, but 20% off at Yarn Junction is really tempting.

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